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Keeping a Heritage Brand on Trend for Today.

Lion Brand magazine ad.
Female model wearing Lion Brand knitted sweater.
Film strip showing photos from the ad photo shoot
Film strip showing photos from the ad photo shoot
The Original
A woman in a red dress and a pink crocheted hat, holding a small dog wearing a matching pink crocheted sweater. They are positioned against a plain white background, with the woman looking at the camera with a playful expression. The text "The original Heartbreaker" appears at the top.
A young boy standing on a green toy ATV, dressed in winter apparel including a blue vest, a grey scarf, and a grey and green knitted hat adorned with a pom-pom. The hat and scarf feature fun, monster-themed designs in multiple colors. Above the image, the text reads "The original Speed Racer."
A young girl smiling and standing confidently. She is dressed in a colorful ensemble that includes a red knitted hat adorned with flowers, a purple polka-dot sweater over a pale yellow dress, and striped socks in red, yellow, and blue. She wears shiny black boots. The phrase "The original Prima Donna"
A young woman styled in a modern, chic outfit featuring a black and white striped top with a solid black panel on the bottom, paired with black leggings adorned with a grey crochet pattern. She is wearing tall black boots and accessorized with bracelets. Her pose is casual with a hand on her hip, and she has a slight smile. The text "The original Fiber Optics."
A woman in a crouched pose, wearing a grey cap and a large, oversized sweater with a red and grey pattern. She complements her look with black leggings and high-heeled shoes. Her expression is contemplative as she gazes off to the side, slightly away from the camera. The text "The original Trendsetter."
A family of four, along with their dog, dressed in various knitted garments. The family is posed together, smiling warmly. The woman and the two children wear cable knit sweaters, and the man sports a thick, ribbed sweater with a large, textured scarf. The little girl also wears a knitted hat. They are all styled in autumnal tones, standing against a plain white background, which emphasizes the intricate details of their outfits. Above them, the text reads "The original Cable Network."
A young boy wrapped in a crocheted blanket styled like a superhero cape, primarily in red, white, and blue with a large white star in the center. He is looking back over his shoulder with a confident smile, conveying a playful superhero pose. The setting is a bright, clean background which enhances the vivid colors of the cape. The text "The original Superhero."
A young boy and a French Bulldog standing side by side, each wearing a matching knitted turtle vest in shades of green and yellow. The boy is smiling playfully at the camera, suggesting a cheerful, friendly demeanor, while the dog appears calm and composed. The caption "The original Sidekick."
A young woman in a fashionable winter outfit, posing with a cheerful smile. She wears a black knitted poncho over a multi-colored long-sleeve top, paired with leopard-print leggings, and tall black boots. Her look is completed with a black beanie and a large, stylish shoulder bag. The phrase "The original Trendsetter."